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2014-03-08 03:15:42 by GameBoyFireworks


Check out my small sweater weather cover.

This is a tribute to you favorite online game of all time! League of Legends!

Hey, listen!

2012-06-01 18:05:37 by GameBoyFireworks

Thanks folks. :)

You should...

2012-06-01 06:30:41 by GameBoyFireworks

Take a listen! I'd love you so very much for a comment or rating! Love you, newgrounds!

Please take a listen to this. I'll return the favor, comment and vote! :)

Hello Friends. :)

2012-04-28 05:00:52 by GameBoyFireworks

Please give this song a listen. Rates and comments are always great! I'll return the favor! :)

Politely asking!

2012-04-26 01:47:35 by GameBoyFireworks

Please give this song a listen.

I'll return the favor if you let me know!

You should take a listen to this song. I'll return the favor comment for comment. Thank you, all.

Do me a big favor and take a listen. I'll return the favor to any kind of artist. Here's one of my latest ukulele tracks. Unmixed and unedited. Thanks guys. etc.